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Where Do We place the Plaque, Mr. Obama?


Most readers of this blog know that I personally believe Obama was born in Hawaii and can prove it any time he sees fit.  I have always believed that the BC issue was a smokescreen to control awareness of the fact that Obama was a British/Kenyan citizen at the time of his birth through his father who was never a US citizen.

This fact alone – as the Supreme Court made reference to in the Minor case (see below) – raises doubts as to whether a native born US citizen with a dual foreign nationality at the time of his birth can be President.  The BC birther conspiracy theory has clearly and effectively shielded from view the true issue – which is a legal question, not a conspiracy theory.

But with our Government trying to sanitize Obama’s eligibility today in Congress by attempting to pass H. RES. 593 , I’ve come up with a new mantra for the BC birthers:


H. Res 593 states:

Whereas the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii;

If they’re going to make that assertion so boldly and codify it in a Congressional Resolution then the American people, especially Hawaiian citizens, deserve to know exactly where in Hawaii Obama was born.  Right?

This will be a source of State pride and also revenue for the municipality which can claim the exact spot where Obama was born.

H. Res 593 is intended to celebrate Hawaii’s entering the union.  It makes great pomp out of its factual assertion that the 44th President of the US was born in Hawaii.  So let’s not stop there.  If the  Congressional record will state Obama was born in Hawaii, it should also tell us where exactly in Hawaii he was born.

Honolulu is a city.  But his birthplace is a spot, a certain address.  That’s what we need.  Because otherwise we can’t memorialize the spot.  So here comes your mantra:


It doesn’t seem fair to the citizens of the municipality where Obama was born to deprive them of a plaque stating “this is where the 44th President was born.”

Most birth-sites of Presidents are given special distinction – some are protected and maintained by the National Park Service as National Historic Sites.  For example, the place of birth for Teddy Roosevelt is a National Historic Site.

Why should Hawaii get the raw end of the stick?

Considering his historical run as the first African American President, doesn’t the place of Obama’s birth deserve to be declared a National Historic Site?

Of course, if Obama states unequivocally where he was born then historians will be able to thoroughly research that claim.  And that’s all good because I’m sure Obama wants this cleared up.  So let them make the Congressional resolution – just demand that the exact spot  in Hawaii is made clear.

Was it a hospital?  Was it in a house? If so, which house?

Is Congress really going to pass a resolution saying Obama was born in Hawaii without knowing where exactly in Hawaii he was born?

So listen up BC birthers, this is your new mantra:


It’s a respectful question.  It’s not mean spirited.  It doesn’t involve a conspiracy theory.  And it will generate revenue and tourism for the people in the town where Obama was born.  It will also provide something concrete for those concerned about his eligibility to properly research.  Seems like a win win for everybody.

Just ask Obama to have a little love for the municipality where he was born by confirming once and for all his exact birthspot?  What’s wrong with a little love, Pres?


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