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Honduras: computers seized with 'election results' pre-loaded

Original in Spanish; computer translation and then clean-up by me.Tegucigalpa -- The National Direction of Criminal Investigation confiscated computers in the Presidential House in which were registered the supposed results of the referendum on the reform of the Constitution that was planned by former President Manuel Zelaya on last June 28, the day that he was ousted.

The District attorney's Office will investigate now if it is a possible crime of fraud and forgery of the documents, due to that some had been filled with the data of the people that supposedly had participated in the failed referendum. One of the public prosecutors that participated in the operating one carried out yesterday showed to the mass media an electoral minutes of the Technical Institute Luis Bogran, of Tegucigalpa, in which the number of people is specified that participated on the table 345, where 550 ballots were counted of which 450 were votes in favor of the proposal of Zelaya and 30 in against, besides 20 blank votes and 30 voided.

Cheez, it's like Chicago ...The seizure was carried out on the third storey of the building annex to the Department of the Presidency that had been rented the former home secretary, Enrique Flowers Throws.

The public prosecutor, Roberto Ramírez, declared that zone as the "scene of the crime" and, although he wanted to need more details, said that the found evidence would be able to characterize the crimes of fraud, embezzlement, forgery of documents and abuse of authority. Ramírez did not rule out that these computers were to be utilized in the final count of the referendum.

"This group of some 45 computers, by the appearance that present, they would be used for the launch of the supposed final results of the quarter ballot box", he explained. The computers belonged to the project 'Learns' of the Honduran Counsel of Science and Technology directed towards rural schools. All of the computers had been lettered with the name of the department for the one that would transmit the information accompanied by a document with the headline: "Leaf of test", that contained all the data of the centers of voting.

The public prosecutor also indicated that there was evidence of documents, hardware and tests that could give light in the investigations on the possible fraud.

During the last months of his mandate, Zelaya promoted the referendum that had been called for last June 28, in which the population would be asked consider the possibility of forming a Constituent assembly so as to reform the constitution. The consultation was ruled "illegal" by the Supreme Court of Justice and was also rejected, since the beginning, by the opposition that alleged that the idea to reform the Constitution responded to the interests of Zelaya to establish in the country the indefinite reelection of the president


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