Martes, 07 de julio de 2009
This guy’s video on youtube has been soo popular that Obama called him personally. He said that he was very disturbed with the video and invited him to the 

Watch it now. This may be the best six minutes invested in your future.

White House. Obama also said he wanted the White House to handle the Press and not to talk about the video or the White House visit. That’s interesting.


Popular Anti-Stimulus Video Blogger Summoned to White House


March 27, 2009

WorldNetDaily is reporting that Bob Basso, who has released videos urging Americans take their government back from corrupt politicians, was reportedly “summoned to the White House by President Obama to discuss the subject matter of the short films.”

featured stories   Popular Anti Stimulus Video Blogger Summoned to White House
Obama featured stories   Popular Anti Stimulus Video Blogger Summoned to White House

In the video below, Basso, who portrays Thomas Paine, author of the “Common Sense” pamphlet that made the case for independence during the American Revolution, has called for Americans to send tea bags to Congress. Basso strongly criticizes Congress for approving the “largest spending bill in history without reading it” and takes Americans to task because “you did nothing.”

The video, “We The People Stimulus Package,” has over a million views.

Basso is a former award winning news director for NBC TV and visiting professor at UCLA.

He was scheduled to appear on the Jerry Doyle radio show but canceled after Obama had personally invited him to meet in the White House “to discuss the disturbing nature of the videos,” according to WND.

Thomas Paine, author of "Common Sense," returns to modern times to plea
for a second revolution to take back America, Now!


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