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By Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

Dishonest as usual, on June 29, 2009, the national CBS news’ Katie Couric and Brian Williams of NBC parroted what Obama and Hillary Clinton called a “coup” in the Central American country of Honduras - misleading and manipulating once more the American people.

This erroneous pronouncement of Obama and Hillary, totally disregard that Honduras’ constitution doesn’t allow a president to be re-elected and that the action taken in Honduras was Constitutional and within the frame of their laws.  It was not unilateral action by the military.  It was not a “coup” at all.

The actions of the Honduran Supreme Court, and the Congress - who even voted to remove President Zelaya - and the military, were legal and proper according to the Constitution of Honduras-not a coup.  It may have resulted in the removal of someone Obama and others wanted in power, but it was a legal removal.

Legal because the one who violated the law was former President Zelaya who wanted to change the Constitution in order to become a socialist totalitarian tyrant-for-life as Castro, Chavez, and other socialist scumbags flourishing throughout Latin America with the help of Cuba and Venezuela - and sadly now with help from Obama and Hillary.

Apparently they are all part of the latest political aberration referred by Chavez and Castro as “Socialism of the 21st Century.”

The socialists’ (communists&rsquoGui?o politics for some years have been using the technique of democratic constitutional elections to attain power.  Once in power they don’t feel any respect for the Constitution and immediately begin efforts to convert the country to socialism/communism and to keep themselves in power indefinitely.

The Judiciary, and Legislative bodies of Honduras tried to avoid the imposition of that kind of tyranny by rightfully following their Constitution that defines as a “crime” the removal of the “no-reelection” clause.

The response of Obama and Hillary is indeed outrageous and very revealing of their long-term aims.  As Obama did with Iran recent protests of fraud in their presidential election and now with Honduras, it appears that this dynamic duo is not siding with the oppressed but with their oppressors.  How can they be part of the imposition of a tyranny on the people of Honduras and complete disregard for the Honduran Constitution?  Siding with those Latin American thugs is not a good sign.

It is also revealing that the legal action in Honduras is opposed by the Castro brothers, themselves a rogue totalitarian state, which is on the list of terrorist nations - unless Obama, of course, issues an executive order for one of his promised “changes” by removing Cuba from its well deserved infamous place on that list.

Freedom and Democracy are opposed in addition to the Castros, by the likes of Chavez, Evo Morales - who was trained in Cuba - Rafael Correa, Daniel Ortega, is seen in the actions of organizations like the OAS and the UN, communist and socialist organizations everywhere as well as other presidential characters involved in delivering the rest of the Americas to the failed and obsolete communist system.

Worldwide, communist systems are responsible for 100 million deaths documented in a book published in Europe.  The reason why it doesn’t get much publicity and circulation in the U.S. is because the publishing establishment in this country, as well as the academic world, is riddled with sympathizers of that aberrant system.

Is it understood by the average American the extent of the socialization of the U.S. already accomplished by Obama?  Will it expand under his guidance? Will the U.S. media’s techniques of softening the edges of Obama’s assumption of control of major components of our previously free banking and auto industries prevent enough U.S. voters from realizing where Obama is heading and prevent his re-election for a second term?  Will an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution be possible during his time in office to permit him to become a fashionable-in-Latin-America President-for-Life?

Had Obama been truthful, apparently he should have run not under the Democratic Party but the Socialist Party.

I am not very optimistic about Honduras’ future since it is now surrounded by so many socialist enemies, unfortunately elected through “democratic” elections.  And much less now, with the support of Obama and Hillary.

Apparently Obama wants the U.S. to be part of the Castro’s-Chavez federation of socialist nations and their “Socialism of the 21st Century.”

Obama’s attempts at restoration of a socialist totalitarian President in Honduras who violated the laws and ignored the Constitution of his own country is a bad omen for the people of the U.S.

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Domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009 | 19:15
My dear friends, picture for a moment Mr. Obama colluding with Vladimir Putin to change the US Constitution (September 17, 1787), disregarding the Supreme Court, Congress and the Attorney General.

Zelaya thought he was above the Law, his constitutional crimes started last year, when he did not present a National 2009 Budget, which was due on September 2008.

At the moment of his removal he had not presented it.

Zelaya did not present a budget because he wanted to get away with all the money directed to his project, more than 500 million Lempiras were used in the media campaign and to pay ?followers?.

Zelaya was twisting arms to anyone on his way; he kept congressman and congresswomen without pay for more than three month.

Imagine Mr. Obama stopping the cash flow to pay Congress, Supreme Court or the US Army. What would Americans do? Ardiendo