A Nation of Cheaters
By Kirk O. Hanson

Cheating. What could be more American? …we cheat — or at least try to cheat — in every aspect of our lives. One out of four Americans surveyed say it’s acceptable to cheat on their taxes… College bound students cheat on the SAT tests. Teachers cheat by giving their students the answers to standardized tests so the teachers qualify for bonuses. Athletes cheat by using performance-enhancing drugs. Successful authors cheat by appropriating others’ writing as their own…

I can think of many more examples where Americans take first prize in cheating:

  • that good ol’ resume which puffs work credentials that never were;
  • the credit application which indicates assets they never had;
  • the filing for welfare and government assistance using different social security numbers and names;
  • identity theft at the expense of the dead or unsuspecting;
  • fraudulent insurance claims with intent of getting something for nothing;
  • voter fraud for winning at all costs;

    The list is almost endless — people may even lay awake at nights dreaming up ways to cheat.

    So what makes America so susceptible to cheating? Is it the lust for power, money, greed — pure laziness — maybe just a plain lack of education or proper upbringing?

    We certainly know that Obama is no slacker when it comes to cheating. At least it certainly appears that way. When pressed about important and relevant issues surrounding his life and background we get the following results:

    Original, vault copy birth certificate — Not released
    Certification of Live Birth — posted on internet — Counterfeit
    Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released
    Obama/Dunham divorce — Released (by independent investigators)
    Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released
    Soetoro adoption records — Not released
    Soetoro/Dunham divorce — Released (by independent investigators)
    Fransiskus Assisi School School application — Released (by independent investigators)
    Punahou School records — Not released
    Selective Service Registration — Released — Counterfeit
    Occidental College records — Not released
    Passport — Not released and records scrubbed clean by Obama’s terrorism and intelligence adviser.
    Columbia College records — Not released
    Columbia thesis — Not released
    Harvard College records — Not released
    Harvard Law Review articles — None
    Baptism certificate — None
    Medical records — Not released
    Illinois State Senate records — None
    Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost
    Law practice client list — Not released
    University of Chicago scholarly articles — None

    So we here at American Grand Jury offer this unique and glorified title to Mr. Obama:The GRANDEST Cheater of all times!

    And what does the average person living in America have to say about all this? Not much — maybe just one BIG yawn!

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