Martes, 30 de junio de 2009
I have been watching Honduran television since last Sunday at this link you can watch them and this morning I saw several shows even one from a doctor that gave his email as [email protected] , another from a lawyer in another channel all were explaining the situation in the country as peacefully and what the courts and Congress did they all were grateful.
Then when watching the news they interrupted the broadcast to air Zelaya from the UN.
He wanted them to know the messages he got  from all over the world backing him, including the presidente of Cuba Raul Castro. After that message  at the UN  their tv had a press conference and Zelaya answer few questions repeating the same like before he was taken by force by the military etc, but the truth that he was ousted Constitutionally per Honduran Constitution was not mentioned .He said  he  is going back to Honduras this
 Thursday and that his speech was not being air in Honduras. That was another lie, I was watching his presentation at the UN from Honduran tv.
Last Sunday when all started not one person die, I heard today some people have died.
 Venezuelan bolivarian people are sending six thousand over there info in spanish at, also Zelaya said when he goes back honduran military will obey him since the USA is backing him.
"Zelaya dice que militares acatarán su mando cuando regrese apoyado por EEUU"  see info at
Will the Usurper send troops to re-install  Mr. Zelaya? Or what will be re-install is a type of
 philosophy the Honduran people, their courts, their Congress and by the Constitution rejected?
Governments around Honduras have canceled transportation of goods over there, type of blockade that was  denounced by businessmen as not good for them either in other countries in Central America.
People of Honduras do not want Zelaya back, his government or his friends like Chavez, why the world will  not listen to Hondurans, their politicians and their media. Will the Usurper send troops or  will send one of voluntary army like Chavez to Honduras to re-install someone with his similar left ideas of controling the people.
On this radio interview Mr. Micheletti the constitutional president of Honduras is saying former ministers are paying people from other cities to go to the capital to create problems protesting and that they are foreign people on the streets creating problems. People are hearing over the world only one side, but not the other.
 Elections will be on November 29, of this year and he will not be a candidate.
Miriam Mata

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