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Let us assume that Hawaii DOH has a signed affidavit by Stanley Ann Dunham or her mother saying that Obama was born in Hawaii. We would examine the affidavit to see what underlying facts it provides to substantiate and corroborate its statement that Obama was born in Hawaii. Not referring to a found and unknown baby, when a baby is born, there are corroborating facts that support the birth location. A baby is not born in a vaccum. Somebody (doctor, nurse, midwife, friend, etc.) has to be around to support the contention as to where the baby was born. If the affidavit says he was born in a hospital, then the hospital would be able to confirm that information through its medical records. Also, if Obama was born in a hospital, there probably would not be any need for the mother or grandmother to swear out any affidavits.

The problem with Obama is that no one including any member of Congress, the mainstream media, and his supporters have been able to provide one piece of evidence (other than the computer digital image of a COLB, some unclear and inconclusive statements by the Hawaii Health officials, and the worthless newspaper announcements) that he was born in Hawaii. Not even any hospital has confirmed his birth there or that Stanley Ann Dunham was even a patient there. Not one person has come forward to say that he or she can corroborate Obama's allegation that he was born in Hawaii. This is amazing since Obama was only born in August 1961 and is therefore only 47 years old.

While his sister said he was born in Queens Hospital, his Kenyan grandmother said he was born in Kenya and that she was present as his birth, and the Kenyan Ambassador also said he was born in Kenya, Obama has publicly stated he was born in Kapi'olani Hospital. Why cannot the hospital simply confirm for the benefit of the American people that he was indeed born in that hospital? Is seems absurd and an affront to intelligence for the hospital to say it cannot so confirm because of privacy laws, given that Obama already proclaimed that information to the world and Representative Abercrombie (who is running for Governor) read a January 24, 2009 letter allegedly written by Obama (which I suspect to be a forgery) during the Kapi'olani Medical Center Centennial Celebration in January 2009 in which Obama states that he was born in that hospital. Additionally, the hospital could surely tell us if Stanley Ann Dunham was a patient there in August 1961, for what privacy could she have in such old and innocuous information and in being dead. Are we asking Obama for too much for him to simply give the hospital permission to confirm that information? I do not see any invasion of his privacy in such a simple gesture, given that he wants to be the President of the United States and his already having released to the public that information. Obama has some audacity to put the American people in this predicament. How can he expect to have the respect of those who truly care about America and are not just blind followers of mindless party politics?

Also, it does not matter what Hawaii has allowed. What matters is what a Court decides is conclusive competent evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

June 20, 2009 5:15 PM

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