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This is an old note from  AP

updated 11:05 a.m. ET, Tues., Feb. 6, 2007

HONOLULU - He was known as Barry Obama, and with his dark complexion and mini-Afro, he was one of the few blacks at the privileged Hawaiian school overlooking the Pacific.

Yet that hardly made him stand out.

Diversity was the norm at the Punahou School, one of the state's top private schools. The 3,600 students came from a wide variety of backgrounds, with a blend of Polynesian, Asian, European and other cultures. Everybody in Hawaii is a minority.

This 1976 photo provided by The Oahuan, the yearbook of Punahou School, shows Barack Obama, in front row, fourth from right, posing with his 9th grade class outside of Punahou School in Honolulu.
--------------But he graduated at PUNAHOU AS BARRY SOETORO.

 So if he graduated as Soetoro, and he is Obama when he changed his name?

Barry Soetoro

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