Jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

Gibbs OR Better Know as Mr. Puppet Finally Fields the Birth Certificate Question

No Mr. Gibbs,

The so called birth certificate on the web was a forgery. Another a temp by Usurper team to try to cover up and more lies to come.. I would have ask a follow up question. OK since you said his birth certificate was on the web, right? Did you know it was proven to be a fraud or do you want to know?  Why has the USURPER spent over 1 million dollars in lawyer fees to keep all his records covered up. Also what about all the cases filed in courts across America that charge him with Treason  and fraud. One more question Mr. puppet oh I mean Gibbs, Why did the USURPER meet behind close door with Biden and the Supreme Court Judges? Also behind close doors without media coverage ? Don’t you know that is illegal?


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