Lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009
The Birth Certificate Protection Act


A bill approved by the House of Representatives and referred to the Senate would prohibit federal employees of executive branch from being compelled to release any document unless a court makes a specified determination by a preponderance of evidence -- legislation at least one group suspects is designed to protect Barack Obama's elusive birth certificate from release.

The legislation, H. R. 985, resides in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sovereignty Alliance has issued a "red alert" about the bill it calls "stealth legislation ... to protect Obama from providing his birth certificate."

"It wouldn't surprise me a bit if this were one of the intended consequences of this legislation," said Joseph Farah, who last week initiated a national billboard campaign to bring attention to the issue of Obama's missing birth certificate and what it might say about his claim to be a "natural born citizen," a status necessary to serving in the White House.

"In any case, this bill puts the lie to this administration and this Congress being the most ethical and transparent in American history," Farah said.  "They're very open when it comes to the secrets of previous administrations, but when it comes to their own work, it is shrouded in secrecy.  Even Obama's birth certificate and student records are well-guarded state secrets."

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