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Notre Dame: Scandal! Catholic paradox, absurdity, and shame

Father Norman Weslin leads pro-life protest at Notre Dame prior arrest

May 16, 11:14 AM

Father Norman Weslin leads Notre Dame protest

A Catholic priest was arrested and carted off the Notre Dame campus for standing up for the lives of the unborn, and against the betrayal of our Catholic pro-life principles by the administration of the university yesterday (5/15/09).

Father Norman Weslin is a senior citizen and a former army colonel who was arrested along with 20 other so-called radical and undignified pro-life protesters. Ironically, Sunday the one who advances an agenda that is the antithesis of our pro-life Catholic faith will give the commencement address and receive an honorary doctorate of laws on this same campus. 

Many at Notre Dame feel that it is hypocritical and contradictory to what the mission of the church and the university is supposed to be to not have the chief executive of our country speak. They say that there is a long history of inviting our new presidents to commencement ceremonies. Some Catholics believe that in the past, both President Jimmy Carter and President Bill Clinton spoke at Notre Dame commencements, receiving honorary degrees. So what's the problem? It's a false argument based on fabrication. Evidence of this typical liberal spinning is conveniently laid out in black and white here: http://www.catholicsfornotredame.org/

Let's examine the absurd introduction together:

On May 17, President Obama will speak at the University of Notre Dame's commencement, a Presidential tradition since the 1950s.  In fact, every American President since Dwight D. Eisenhower has spoken at Notre Dame.  It's a time to celebrate America's future in a non-partisan way.

On June 5, 1960, President Dwight Eisenhower delivered the University’s first presidential Commencement speech. http://tinyurl.com/NDcommencement-list

"Charlotte Allen, author of “The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus,” argues that despite the ND’s “tradition” of inviting U.S. presidents, Bill Clinton was never invited. Any one Clinton’s anti-life actions which ought to have properly disqualified him from setting foot on Notre Dame’s South Bend campus “were spread out over the eight years of his presidency. By contrast, Obama has scarcely been president for eight weeks, and already he’s  forced U.S. taxpayers to subsidize overseas abortion clinics;  announced he’ll rescind a Bush-administration rule allowing health-care workers to refuse to provide services (such as abortion) they deem morally repugnant; and opened the sluice-gates for federal funding of embryo-destructive stem-cell research, all the way up to cloning.”

“If Bill Clinton wasn’t invited to be commencement speaker, why on earth has Obama been issued the implicit endorsement of his views — plus a bully pulpit — by the nation’s premiere Catholic university?,” she concludes." Full article here: http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/new.php?n=15452

Time to celebrate America in a secular way is more accurate. Non-partisan would necessarily include conservative Catholics, who cannot now participate in the celebration due to reason and conscience. Bishop D'Arcy will boycott the Commencement proceedings, Mary Ann Glendon has declined to receive her much deserved Laetare Metal and submitted a letter of explanation available here:   http://tinyurl.com/Glendondeclinesmedal

But recently, political activists, operatives, and pundits from the far right have tried to turn this celebration into a political firestorm.  Unfortunately, they have been joined to varying degrees  by a vocal  minority of Catholic bishops.  They are calling on Notre Dame to "uninvite" President Obama, and failing that, they've pledged to turn a solemn and joyful commencement ceremony into a political and media circus.

The Commencement ceremonies have indeed been turned into a political firestorm, and a scandal, and a political and media and religious circus--because the Rev. John Jenkins and the Notre Dame administration invited someone who has an historical anti-life record and agenda not for appropriate educational dialogue, but with the intention of awarding him with an honor and to give the 2009 commencement speech.

Some 70 Bishops have gone on the record in opposition to the decision to have the president give the address and receive the honor, but these are in no way to be seen as a minority, ultra-conservative voice. How many Bishops are on record for agreeing with the decision? At last count--zero.

Note, too, that it was only last weekend that Archbishop Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Vatican’s highest court, the Apostolic Signatura, called on Catholics to “give an uncompromising witness” to the dignity of life and sharply criticized the University of Notre Dame for its planned honor for the far left, anti-life speaker. http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2009/may/09050804.html Therefore, citing the number of our Catholic leadership on record for opposition to the decision is disingenuous.

Furthermore, the USCCB statement in 2004 is very clear:  The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions. http://www.usccb.org/bishops/catholicsinpoliticallife.shtml Our Bishops, in this document, have already spoken to such a serious matter.

While it is true that this is a Catholic policy regarding Catholic politicians, Father Jenkins himself stated that-up until now-Notre Dame has always followed the policy. This year an exception was made, as he admits that he took the liberty to interpret the document as he saw fit for justification of his harmful, defiant actions. http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2009/apr/09040808.html

What our beloved Pope John Paul II stated leaves no room for doubt that the liberally-educated Notre Dame students are in error, unable to see the truth, and are repeating the typical secular pattern of deception and misrepresentation in their defense of holding liberal views. The administration obviously has not made use of critical thinking skills, since they believe that our president has truly worked for the common good simply by being a community organizer in Chicago, and through being elected black in America. Racial healing is good and important but must have preceeded the elected one or we would not presently have a black president. Helping the needy and the marginalized is likewise admirable, but for Catholics this is not enough. Who is more defenseless and voiceless and in need of advocacy than our preborn children? Abortion and all anti-life policies are poitically polarizing, and they are contrary to the most  fundamental teachings and mission of our Church. It is the duty of a Catholic university to put primary the sanctity of life, followed by other social issues as Pope John Paul II stated. 

The official text is quoted from here: http://www.stopobamanotredame.com/ 

Official Text of Obama's Honorary Doctorate

"At the 164th Commencement The May Exercises
The University of Notre Dame Confers the degree of
Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, on the 44th president of the United States, whose historic election opened a new era of hope in a country long divided by its history of slavery and racism. A community organizer who honed his advocacy for the poor, the marginalized and the worker in the streets of Chicago, he now organizes a larger community, bringing to the world stage a renewed American dedication to diplomacy and dialogue with all nations and religions committed to human rights and the global common good. Through his willingness to engage with those who disagree with him and encourage people of faith to bring their beliefs to the public debate, he is inspiring this nation to heal its divisions of religion, culture, race and politics in the audacious hope for a brighter tomorrow.
On Barack H. Obama, Washington, District of Columbia"

"Laws which authorize and promote abortion and euthanasia are therefore radically opposed not only to the good of the individual but also to the common good; as such they are completely lacking in authentic juridical validity. Disregard for the right to life, precisely because it leads to the killing of the person whom society exists to serve, is what most directly conflicts with the possibility of achieving the common good." (John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae 72)

Catholic Democrats respectfully disagrees.  We believe that we can show America that a few vocal conservatives do not speak for all Catholics on this issue.  And we particularly take exception to the angry and divisive tactics they have used to go after the Catholic identity of Notre Dame, President Obama, and all his Catholic supporters, without regard to the hidden costs to our Church and our country.

Catholic Democrats--good thing this is non-partisan, huh? Respectfully disagrees with what, exactly? They take issue with Catholicism, including our faithful Catholic lay persons like myself, our pro-life priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and our Popes. Respectfully? This invitation and honor is a travesty of faith which was thrust upon the Notre Dame Catholic graduates; whereby devout Catholic believers have no course left but to either raise the issue in protest, or be silent and go along for the sake of participating in their well-deserved celebration. Faithful conservative Catholics perhaps do not speak for all Catholics, but we are the ones who do speak for our Catholic faith. We particularly take exception to the disobedience and betrayal and underhanded tactics the administration has used to bring this scandal about. It is the nominal Catholics who do not understand the hidden costs to our Church and to our country. If you wish to be identified as Catholic--be Catholic! Otherwise, you are truly a shamefully misguided and misleading paradox.


http://www.ndresponse.com/         Notre Dame Response Official Video

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