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- April 16, 2009 -

GO HERE to sign the petition against Father Jenkins' decision to have the President speak at Notre Dame University:

Dear Friend,

The President of Notre Dame Father Jenkins has invited pro-abortion President Obama to speak there on May 17.

You must be appalled that a Catholic priest and president of one of America’s most outstanding and emblematic Catholic universities would invite a manifestly pro-abortion president to give the commencement address and receive an honorary Doctorate of Laws degree.

As Catholics, we know that abortion is a sin that clamors to heaven for a Divine Nuremberg. It is a sin that only finds a parallel in modern history in the atrocities committed by the proponents of Communism and Nazism.

Whether each and every pro-abortion individual understands this clearly or not in his conscience, does not change the tragic reality of this fact.

This places you and I in the position of having to express our vehement opposition to this invitation made to the highest dignitary of our nation.

That is why I ask you to sign a petition to Father Jenkins sponsored by the Cardinal Newman Society. The petition asks him to reconsider this invitation that causes so much scandal to the faithful and to all who oppose the "culture of death."

Almost 300,000 people have already signed and the number grows daily, but the target is 1,000,000 million signatures before May 17, 2009. So please pass on this message to friends and family.


John Horvat

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