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USJF To Appeal Judge’s Ruling that Only Members of Congress Can Challenge Qualifications of President

Dear Fellow American,

Barack Obama’s attorneys took another step to destroy the Constitution of the United States this time in a California State Court. Those attorneys, working with liberal California State Attorney General Jerry Brown, convinced the Judge in that case, at a March 13, 2009, hearing to rule that only Members of Congress can challenge the qualifications of Mr. Obama to serve as President.

The Judge further ruled that a challenge can only be made on the 6th day of January following the meeting of the Presidential electors, at the session of Congress where the vote of the Electoral College is counted and the results announced. To use the Judge’s words, this is “the exclusive means for challenges to the qualifications of President…”

Further, the Court blocked our subpoena for the college records of Mr, Obama!

If Americans don’t believe now that our own president did something against the law and is now trying to hide the proof something is wrong with us. Did Obama use his Indonesian citizenship to get money from Occidental as a foreign student? So much for transparency in government. Obama as well as his lawyers and staff have committed the biggest fraud on this nation in its long history. Stand up now and demand your elected represenatives do what you sent the to Washington to do or remind them they wont have a job soon.

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