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Barack Hussein Obama is a committed Marxist -- what are Americans going to do about it?
March 12, 2009
Marie Jon, RA analyst

On Nov. 5, 2008, Americans woke up to a very real Marxist coup — although most didn't realize it. I sat down and cried while a huge crowd gathered and were cheering. I intuitively knew something was very wrong. After watching Barack Hussein Obama aggressively pursue his agenda as president, I now understand why.

Most Marxist coups rely on deception — and that was certainly true of this one. Just about everything Obama said during the campaign was a calculated lie. His handlers and key supporters were equally willing to lie and deceive to gain advantage.

Once Marxists seize power through deception, manipulation, exploitation, and corrupt interference with the political process, they never give it up. It is entirely possible that we will never see the end of the current regime of Marxists in America. In 20 years,
the President of the United States might still be a man named Barack Obama. At the very least, we can expect Obama and his fellow conspirators to do everything in their power to ensure that outcome.

Failure equals success

the objectives of Marxism center in undermining the status quo — for only after the existing order is sufficiently weakened can it be dismantled and a thoroughgoing socialist system installed in its place.

We shouldn't be surprised, therefore, that Obama has no intention of strengthening or improving our country. His deeply-held Marxist beliefs will drive him to create chaos, disruption, economic collapse, and moral corruption — accompanied by the silencing of his critics — so that from the ashes of American civilization, a socialist nation will arise to lead out in collectivizing the world.

The vision of Marx — that from the utter destruction of Western civilization, a world order of near-total communalism will emerge — has never been proven to work, for the theory can't be tested in advance. Thus, ideologues like Obama are foolishly willing to risk everything of value for a theoretical dream. Unfortunately, that dream is completely false and morally bankrupt. Only persons who lust for power over others would buy into the unfounded premises, evil methods, and unmatched threat that we call Marxism.

Sleight of hand

The scale of
Obama's deceptive folly is nothing short of horrifying. After all, this pretender is in many ways the embodiment of his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a demagogue who has long preached class warfare, social chaos, and loathing for America. In fact, I believe Obama may have taught Wright a thing or two. Each day he is in the Oval Office, American jobs are slipping away, while many Americans have lost a lifetime of hard-earned savings that will never be recouped.

Despite liberally casting good money after bad,
the president has done nothing to help Wall Street or Main Street. As reflected in the stock market, everything is worsening because Obama's stimulus bill makes no economic sense. His propaganda produces extreme fear among Americans. Meanwhile, our liberties are disappearing before our very eyes. We've been had by a smooth-taking, teleprompter-dependent politician from Chicago, where corruption thrives.

Our newly elected president is not fit to lead this nation. Obama is not a reasonable, decent man, and I'm not afraid to say it. He's the most extreme left-leaning president in our nation's history. He will continue destroying our country because — as a committed Marxist — he believes it's his duty to do so. He hates our country's guiding principles, and wants to change our nation to please his own radical ideology.

Cloward-Piven strategy

Forty years ago, two far-left Columbia University professors,
Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, wrote an article for the radical magazine The Nation. Published in 1966, the article laid out a plan for dismantling the American free-market system by increasing demand on government programs to the point of collapsing the economy. This would open the door to implementing socialism by nationalizing private institutions. We are witnessing just such a takeover of our country — while no one raises a hand to stop it.

Excerpts from the Oct. 15, 2008, Washington Times, "The Cloward-Piven strategy — Using the poor to tear down capitalism," by Robert Chandler:

"There is plenty of blame to go around for the financial crash. Yet, there is a distinct odor of the shadowy Cloward-Piven strategy as the taproot of abusive practices that triggered the crisis. The strategy's goal is to bring about the fall of capitalism by overloading and undermining government bureaucracy.

"Its supporting tactics include flooding government with impossible demands until it slowly cranks to a stop; overloading electoral systems with successive tidal waves of new voters, many of them bogus; shaking down banks, politicians in Congress, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development for affirmative-action borrowing; and, now, pulling down the national financial system by demanding exotic, subprime mortgages for low-income Americans with little hope of repaying their loans. These toxic mortgages are an important source of the foul smell engulfing the entire financial bailout.

"Developed in the mid-1960s by two Columbia University sociologists, Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, much of their strategy was drawn from Saul Alinsky, Chicago's notorious revolutionary Marxist community organizer. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (
ACORN) succeeded the National Welfare Rights Organization in the execution of the Cloward-Piven grand tactics of using the poor as cannon fodder to tear down the capitalist system. It was low-income, mostly black and Hispanic people, who were used by ACORN guerrillas to take subprime toxic mortgages.

"An Obama campaign dispatch on October 6 had the right perspective in observing that 'the backward economic philosophy and culture of corruption that helped create the current crisis are looking more and more like any other major financial crisis of our time.' True enough.

"The root causes for the 2008 financial panic were sown some 40 years ago when the Institute for Policy Studies, the notorious 'Think Tank of the Left,' held socialist seminars geared toward undermining the American capitalist system. Beginning in 1964 and continuing to the present day, the Institute for Policy Studies has used seminars especially scoped to influence congressmen and their assistants to support the 'progressive,' that is to say 'socialist,' viewpoint. A 1969 'Housing and Property' seminar, hosted by the Institute for Policy Studies, for example, treated Capitol Hill denizens to mind-stretching leftism. Bringing together speakers from big-city tenants councils, neighborhood legal services, FHA insurance, savings-and-loans entities, and the Shannon and Luchs Realty Company, the Institute for Policy Studies "plinked" the first domino that led to the current crisis.

"At about the same time that the Institute for Policy Studies was holding the 1969 'Housing and Property' seminars, it was also conducting 'Experimental Education' seminars in January-April 1969, for federal legislators and their aides that included Bill Ayers, an Obama confidant and Weatherman terrorist, as a guest speaker. According to the Senate Subcommittee on Investigation, 4,330 bombings occurred in the United States, about nine a day, from January 1969 to April 1970.

"The socialist test case for using society's poor and disadvantaged people as sacrificial 'shock troops,' in accordance with the Cloward-Piven strategy, was demonstrated in 1975, when new prospective welfare recipients flooded New York City with payment demands, bankrupting the government. As a consequence, New York state also teetered on the edge of financial collapse when the federal government stepped in with a bailout rescue.

"The 2008 financial crisis has all of the earmarks of a Cloward-Piven strategy assault against the capitalist system. Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and Public Policy Center recently explained that 'community organizers' (1) 'intimidate banks into making high risk loans to customers with poor credit,' (2) 'occupy private offices, chant inside bank lobbies, and confront executives at their homes,' and, through these thuggish tactics, (3) compel 'financial institutions to direct hundreds of millions dollars in mortgages to low-credit customers.' 'In other words,' Mr. Kurtz explained during a presentation at the Hudson Institute's Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal, 'community organizers help to undermine America's economy by pushing the banking system into a sink-hole of bad loans.'"
Full article

Prescription for havoc

Cloward and Piven said in their 1966 Nation article that the ruling classes were using welfare programs to control and weaken the poor, thus suppressing the fires of rebellion. Cloward later told the
New York Times in 1970 that the poorest people among us can advance only when "the rest of society is afraid of them."

Cloward and Piven wrote in the Times that rather than merely pacify the poor with government hand-outs, dedicated activists should seek to sabotage the welfare system itself by overburdening it. Then the poor would revolt and force "the rest of society" to accept their demands. Are we just going to wait until all havoc erupts before we speak out and try to stop this madness?

The Cloward-Piven strategy has been heavily
financed and supported by radical socialist billionaire George Soros, the moving force behind the "Shadow Party" that dominates our nation's left wing. And today, the Cloward-Piven strategy continues to be used by the anti-American left. What else lies ahead for our embattled nation? May The Almighty help us.

When you hear people such as Rush Limbaugh say that they do not want President Obama to succeed, now you know why. They want America to remain a republic with a free market system — not a socialist state. They want Americans to succeed while experiencing the self-respect and dignity that come with being an achiever. The freedom that comes with achievement restores the human soul.

Too long, minority groups have been told by the Democrat Party that they need big government to rule over their lives. Conservatives want all people to reach their dreams by genuine accomplishment — not by the sweat of another's brow.

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