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Knoxville (Tennessee) News Reports on Birth Certificate Issue
Although the editorial was NOT positive the newspaper did report about the issue.  Tom Kovach contacted the newspaper and they have agreed to run a response from Tom.  Here is the response Tom Kovach sent to the newspaper.

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"Obama eligibility questions are essential to America"

First, thanks to the Knoxville News for this opportunity to reply to the editorial, "Obama still an American, still president" (published on the 10th of March, 2009).

Many well-meaning voters might ask themselves, "Why the fuss?" They presume, wrongly, that somebody must have checked his eligibility before printing Barack Obama's name on the ballot for president last year.

Having been on the ballot for Congress in two different states (NY in 1994, TN in 2006), I can tell you that nobody -- not a party official, nor an election official, nor a reporter -- ever raised the question of whether I am an American citizen. But, I also never had school records showing that I was an Indonesian citizen -- as did Obama.

Then there is the question about the authenticity of his birth certificate. Last summer, the Obama campaign posted a "Certification of Live Birth" on the Internet. Most people were not familiar with a quirk in Hawaiian law, under which the Certification of Live Birth (COL is not the same thing as a long-form birth certificate.

The sad fact is that Barack Obama refuses to pay the ten-dollar fee to allow the State of Hawaii to release a copy of his "vault" certificate -- the one that actually proves where he was born. (There is no birth location information on the COLB.)

It certainly doesn't help Obama's credibility that his own grandmother said that she was in the room, in Kenya, when he was born.

Further, experienced document examiners have gone on record that the COLB was a forgery. When the details of the first examination were posted on the Internet, that version of the COLB was removed from the Obama campaign material. Later, a second version appeared. A retired Federal agent then went on record that the second version was also a forgery. Therefore, despite vehement assertions that the matter has been "settled", the question of Obama's birthplace is still on the table.

And, the proper place to settle it is in court.

There are more than a dozen lawsuits seeking to expel Barack Obama from the White House. And, more plaintiffs continue to come forward as Americans grasp the enormity of the question.
For example, recent plaintiffs include military members and veterans. Every such person swears to support and defend the Constitution and to obey the commander-in-chief. But, if that commander occupies the position illegally, then those personnel have an affirmative duty (under the Uniform Code of Military Justice) to disobey any order given by an unlawful authority. To my knowledge, it hasn't happened ... yet.

Although Obama recently increased our troop strength in Afghanistan, he has not yet attempted to start any new war. If he does, and if soldiers disobey, the Manual for Courts-Martial is on their side. (As a former Air Force law-enforcement supervisor, and leader of counter-terrorist teams, I am familiar with the UCMJ provisions and the MCM procedures.) One cannot be punished for disobeying an order if the order was unlawful.

Not every potential example is as dramatic as what might happen if a Blue Beret refused to let Obama get near Air Force One or into a command post. A more "everyday" example might be whether a new teacher could keep a job if that job was created by "stimulus" money from legislation that was not lawfully enacted.

The Knox-News editorial cites United States District Judge James Robertson's dismissal order, and claims the quote as proof that Americans have brought these lawsuits "without ever producing a shred of evidence that he was anything but natural born". The editorial is quite misleading.

First, Judge Robertson never conducted a trial of the evidence. He dismissed the case long before the trial phase, claiming that plaintiff Phillip Berg -- a former deputy attorney general for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and a long-time Democrat -- did not have legal standing to bring his case. By dismissing Berg, the judge told every American that we have no right to police the political process -- even though that very process is built upon the principle that we do have that right.

The editorial said that people bringing lawsuits to challenge Obama's eligibility are "in the loopier precincts of the Internet". Besides having insulted many readers, the editorial overlooks Berg's written justification that Obama's ineligibility would be a blight upon the Democratic Party and thus cost them members. Berg's prediction is coming true.

One man that does have legal standing is Dr. Alan Keyes. He is one-hundred percent American and has a birth certificate to prove it. Keyes had a high security clearance when he worked for President Ronald Reagan.

When a political ambush took place at last April's national convention of the Constitution Party, thus causing the CP to spurn Alan Keyes as their presidential candidate, many CP leaders joined disenfranchised Republicans and formed an entirely new national political party last May. By August, America's Independent Party has surpassed the Constitution Party as the third-largest political party in the United States. (The voter-registration numbers can be confirmed by the independent Ballot Access News.)
The controversy over Obama's eligibility still smolders. No amount of ridicule -- especially if the editorial facts are incorrect -- will stop patriotic Americans from seeking a fair trial of the evidence in a courtroom. The Constitution still matters, and "natural born" means exactly that.

We did not want to "hire" a president that padded his resume`; and, we reserve the right to "fire" him if a proper trial of the facts proves that he is ineligible. The current members of Congress that let the situation get this far were derelict in their duties.

Questioning an unlawful abuse of power is essential to America. The mere fact that the Knoxville News would ridicule a peaceful redress of grievances begs the question: "What alternative would you suggest?"

Tom Kovach
Mount Juliet, TN
Tennessee state chairman, and
national outreach communications director
America's Independent Party

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