Martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

Chief Justice John Roberts will be in Idaho!

Did you read about Dr. Taitz's meeting with Honorable Judge Scalia?

Meeting with Scalia and coordinated cyber attack

Judge Scalia didn't seem to be too familiar with Dr. Taitz's Lightfoot v Bowen which was suppose to have been distributed for conference on January 23rd.  You remember, the conference that disappeared from the dockets.  Right Danny?

I wonder if Chief Justice Roberts is familiar with that conference?  Can anyone in Idaho show up to the University of Idaho and ask why the case wasn't heard?

Chief Justice of the United States
John G. Roberts, Jr.
4:00pm University Ballroom
March 13, 2009  

I need to know when and where Supreme Court Justices give lectures

Help me reach Supreme Court Justices
After the meeting with Justice Scalia, I realized that he never heard about my case Lghtfoot v Bowen or any other cases brought to the Supreme Court about Obama's lack of eligibility for presidency. Supreme Court gets some 80,000 cases and hears only about 80. So, they hear only about 0.1% of the cases brought to them. I believe the nefarious clerks that are actually running the show, are advising them about the importance and the strength of the cases, summarize the cases for them. I need to know if the other Justices have a clue about the cases. At the meeting Scalia told that they pick the cases based on importance. At the time they had a conference on my case Lightfoot v Bowen and didn't find eligibility of president  to be important, they found litigation on light cigaretes to be important. Either this is a complete insanity, or the clerks have never shown the case to them.
The Justices of the Supreme Court travel around the Country all the time and give lectures and sell their books. Please, let me know, when those justices come to your area. Either I will come or you have to demand answers from them: Why didn't they forward from the conference to the open court argument my case Lightfoot v Bowen? or any other cases on this issue? Don 't they think legitimacy of president is as important as litigation on light cigarettes. American citizens deserve a clear answer from them, why didn't they hear the case and what will it take for them to hear the case in open court and subpoena Obama's records. If you have a date and time, call me 949-683-5411   

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