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Do you want to be part of

American history?



1. Who is that one person (a judge, a secretary of state, or any government official) who will go down in US history as the one who finally compelled Barack Obama to show legally acceptable proof and evidence that he is a natural born citizen as he alleged in his application form for his candidacy for the position of President of the United States? Or do you simply take Obama at his word? Is this what the rule of law is about?


2. And who is that investigative journalist who could finally discover and present the copy the actual birth certificate of Barack Obama?


3. And who is that US government worker whistleblower who will be courageous enough to face a possible legal suit for violating privacy laws by coming out in the open, if indeed Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, to prove that Obama has perpetrated fraud on the entire American nation by falsely claiming he is a natural born citizen when he is not? (Somebody in the government, at least in Hawaii, must have actually seen Obama’s 1961 typewritten birth certificate if there is one, or alternatively can testify that there isn’t one, or if there is one from a foreign nation. And anyway, coming out to prevent fraud would likely give him immunity from a suit based on privacy laws. The constitution trumps any privacy law any day.)


This is your chance to be etched in the history books for the next 500 years.

Some of the FAQ below are about the birth certificate and some are about Obama’s natural born citizenship (being born of a Kenyan father).

Choose the questions that suit your interest.


Was this FAQ helpful in making you appreciate the issues involved? If so, please drop us a line.


Click on this link to view Obama’s computer-generated SHORT-FORM birth “certification” (not “certificate&rdquoGui?o.

Click on this link to show that a person born in China was able to obtain a Certificate of Hawaiian birth (Dr. Sun Yat-sen, no less, the Father of Modern China!)

Click on this link for analysis by an imaging expert showing that even the Short-Form is itself fake and doctored

Click on this link for a comprehensive timeline of Obama’s life.

Click on this link for detailed and comprehensive info on Obama’s family, school, colleagues etc.

Click on this link for updates of court cases on Obama’s citizenship

Click on this link for some info about Stanley Anne Dunham (his mother)

Click on this link for some photos of Anne Dunham

Click on this link for a possible linkage between Frank Marshall Davis and Obama

Click on this link for updates of the cases filed by Orly Taitz in behalf of Keyes and Lightfoot and others

Click on this link for daily updates of events surrounding Obama’s citizenship controversy

Click on this link for an analysis by a lawyer why he believes Obama is not a US citizen at all


What is a Natural Born Citizen?


Three requisites, all of which must concur, for Natural Born Citizenship eligible for President of the U.S.:


1. Father must be US Citizen (either Naturalized or Natural Born)


2. Mother must be US Citizen (either Naturalized or Natural Born)


3. Must be born in US soil

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