Domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009

Alan Keyes as He Sees It, Again

Hat tip David Crockett

I do respect Dr. Keyes. Like Pat Buchanan I think he too was ahead of his time when he ran for president. Some of you may know that Dr. Keyes currently has an active lawsuit in CA see
President 'has something to hide' about eligibility as well as the many other pending cases, see the compiled list here. That is quit a list. Not something that can be attributed to a few "wackos". These are educated, affluent, hardworking American citizens that just want a simple question answered.

In combating these many challenges to his eligibility there are some that estimate the cost to date to be somewhere close to a million dollars. All to keep from public inspection a copy of his original birth certificate
a copy that is reported to cost about $12.00. Why?

While I think the person that conducted this interview happened find Dr. Keyes at what looks like an event where maybe alcohol was served the substance of what Dr. Keyes is saying is clear and concise. He also calls Obama a Communist. I am working a blog to connect those dots....

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