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Get Dr. Orly Taitz on TV; A Letter Worth Reading and Follow Through...

2/20/2009: Get Dr. Orly Taitz on TV; A Letter Worth Reading and Follow Through:

NOTE: If you are serious about spreading the word about Obama not being a Natural Born Citizen, here is a chance to do something worthwhile. A simple E-Mail to the person below could/would open the door to exposing Obama for what he is, a "USURPER" sitting in the Oval Office. It is up to us, WE THE PEOPLE to force this situation out into the open and force the MSM to finally address this issue. Do nothing and reap the rewards of a Socialist/Marxist society and the destruction of our Country as we have known it. Every little bit leads to a bigger expose of this unheard of situation.

Dear Citizens,

We need to get Dr. Orly on TV, one show at a time.

Unfortunately only a very small minority of American citizens know that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen, and we, you and me, need to change that PRONTO.

The first TV show for Orly should be The World Over with Raymond Arroyo, in EWTN. Orly told me that she would love to appear in that show. Why that show? It is outside the networks, it has over 100 million viewers worldwide, tens of millions of viewers in the United States , and the host, Raymond Arroyo, is unapologetically critical of Obama.

Mr. Arroyo has opened the doors for us, especially for us. At the end of his last show, he said that once a month he will interview one guest selected by the viewers via email. Thatʼs us.

I need 3000, yes thatʼs three thousand, of you to send an email to [email protected] with only the word:


in the subject line. Those are his specific instructions.

In the email (please be very polite) tell Raymond that you want him to interview Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., the lawyer who has a case pending in the United States Supreme Court challenging Obamaʼs Natural Born Citizenship.

If we get her on TV, and tens of millions of Americans watch what she has to say, then the cat is out of the bag. This site has three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) hits per week; I only need three thousand of you. I need three thousand Patriots to step forward.

Please do your share. Help her! Step forward!


Carlos Vazquez

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