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The Russia Interview


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the oldest and largest broadcasting company in Great Britain just recorded an interview with Dr. Orly Taitz about the  Obama ineligibility cases.  It will be transmitted prime time in their Russian edition tomorrow, 7-8 PM, Moscow time (4-5 PM, London time).  They feel it is the case of the Century and were amazed, as to why U. S. media doesn't report it.
Dr. Taitz explained, that in her opinion, most of U. S. media is in the hands of a few members of  the U. S. oligarchy that find Obama convenient for their purposes and refuse to report on his total illegitimacy for presidency.  She explained to the interviewer, Seva Novgorodski, that the U. S. President must be a "natural born citizen," meaning being the child of two U. S. citizen parents and born in the U. S. mainland.  Obama does not qualify for several reasons:

1. His father was here on a student visa and was never a U. S. citizen.

2. Hawaii statue 338 allows foreign born children of Hawaii residents to obtain Hawaii Certification of Live Birth (COLB).  The short version COLB, that Obama posted on the Internet is a worthless piece of paper, since it does not show any corroborating evidence, such as name of the hospital and name and signature of a doctor, that should be on the actual birth certificate.  Obama refuses to release his original birth certificate from Hawaii and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys to file motions to keep them sealed.  His attorneys have been threatening, harassing and intimidated petitioners with sanctions for mere requesting the records.  This behavior can be explained only by the fact that the original birth certificate shows him ineligible.

3. When Obama migrated to Indonesia, he lost his U. S. citizenship, while gaining Indonesian Citizenship, since Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship.  Obama reaffirmed his Indonesian citizenship and therefore relinquished his U. S. citizenship yet again (if he ever had it) as an adult, while studying at Occidental College and traveling to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport.

The interviewer asked if Dr. Taitz was afraid to go against such a mountain and so much money.  She stated that nothing can be achieved by virtue of fear and was more concerned about a prospect of Obama being allowed to continue to stay in the White House illegally, in that all the orders and bills and international treaties signed by him will be illegal.  She also stated, that in her opinion, this is a giant on legs of clay, since his rise was achieved by massive voter fraud during the primaries, the general election and U. S. media providing one sided reporting.

The BBC interviewers wished Dr. Taitz luck and stated that they are fascinated by the case and asked to come back on the program, when there are new developments.

Not one American jouranlist has ever asked the biggest question of the day -- why is Obama fighting the release of his bona fides with such ferocity?

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