Martes, 17 de febrero de 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Been scammed by a big-city con man?

Been scammed by a big-city con man?

*Everybody had their elected representative vote for a bill that had not been read.

*You young people who voted for Obama will be paying off the Obama scam for the rest of your lives.

*Those who hoped for honesty helped elect a scandal ridden administration that isn’t even a month old.

*Those who hoped for open government see a president who hides the content of a bill which costs the most taxpayers dollars in the history of our country.

*We were told that there was such a hurry that the bill must be voted on now and then when the bill was passed Obama takes a vacation to play basketball in Chicago with out signing the bill and Nancy Pelosi went to Italy with other Democratic leaders on our tab.

*Are you beginning to see that this whole thing was a giant “sting” operation that left the people holding an empty bag?

There is still hope!

Obama really isn’t qualified to hold the office of President. He hides his birth certificate, his college papers, his medical records and his passport history

If Obama can be removed from office, because he is legally ineligible to be President, all bills that he has signed into law will become invalid, including the pork package called a Stimulus Bill. We would all do well to support legal actions to remove Obama from office, to end this ill conceived Stimulus Bill.

Get Rid of Obama = Get Rid of the Pork

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