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Daring Daylight Bank Heist!







I read the news today, oh, boyFriday, February 13, 2009 - - Yes, on Friday the 13th, of all days, a gang of expert con artists pulled off a daring theft of hundreds of billions in tax dollars, in full public view.  If anyone was watching, of course.  There was plenty of evidence left behind, including a 1,100-page note containing detailed plans to dispose of the loot and covered with hundreds of fingerprints.  Yet authorities are skeptical that any of the perps will be brought to justice before the loot can be disposed of.

Federal officials appeared to be either uninterested in the event or in cahoots with the plotters.  State Governors were generally of a mind to let events play out.  "Sorry, son," one commented, "we've been reached."

President Obama is expected to sign on to the 1,100 page note, absolving the plotters of legal liability, although not of moral responsibility, for the debacle.  Calling a meeting of his cabinet to discuss the matter, the President instructed, "Round up the usual suspects."  Responsibility for disbursing shares of the booty will be lodged in the office of a known tax cheat, with the advice and consent a number of lobbyists inextricably connected to their former clients and thus "uniquely qualified" to hold their present offices.

At last count, there were no crime scene investigators on the job. 

[end of humorous report]

* * *

Clearly, no one in Washington, D.C., had time to read the so-called Stimulus Bill, H.R. 1, before it was whisked through Congress.  How much did you get to read?  I tried to wade through some of it, but I have to work for a living and there's just not enough time in the day.  Besides, it's a very upsetting thing to read.  If you'd like to try it, go here: READ THE STIMULUS

The Democrats in the Congressional conference committee managed to bring down the total cost of the package by tossing out tax relief measures, making more room for pet peeves, payoffs, pork, and worthy projects.  By one estimate, the actual tax relief in the final enactment was reduced to 20 per cent.  Republicans were pretty much excluded from the process.

Unfortunately, this tawdry saga is destined to continue.

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