Viernes, 04 de febrero de 2011

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Is the liberal mainstream media and Obama collaborating with Castro's communist regime in order not to offend him?


The Obama-Hillary State Department have been issuing visas to Castro's agents to open "meeting places," night clubs and restaurants in Miami.  Also they are issuing visas to Castro's official artists to perform in Miami under the ruse of the Clinton era "cultural exchanges."   The problem is that these cultural exchanges are one way, because Castro does not allow exile artists like Gloria Estefan, Willy Chirino and others to perform in Cuba.


Castro's official artists are paid in U.S. dollars to the Castro regime and the artists get only a small portion.  Also, these agents and official artists are liberally invited on local radio and TV where they insult and deride the Cuban American exiled community in Miami.


These operations, which increased after Obama was in power, is known to the exiles as "Operation Anti-Exile," since is aimed to discredit and neutralize their community and to infiltrate an American city for future operations.


Late on a Friday - as many executive orders and regulations are announced by this "transparent administration" - Obama announced lifting the restrictions to travel to Cuba to American "religious" groups and "students," and that Americans in general can send up to about $2,000 one a year to help individual Cuban citizens.  This, of course, when Castro is in dire straits needing dollars to maintain his oppressive regime.


One wonder if the rumored Castro-Obama under the table communications are the reason why no one talks about the case of American Alan P. Gross in jail in Cuba without charges for 13 months.  Is Castro blackmailing Obama by threatening to open the flood gates and allow the emigration of whoever he would like to expel from Cuba to the U.S. like he did in the "1980 Mariel Boatlift" of 125,000 people?


Just a thought (read the short article below about Alan P. Gross with attached photo and forward),


Agustin Blazquez


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Lest we forget…

By Alberto de la Cruz, on February 2, 2011,

Lest we forget, there is an American being held hostage by the Castro dictatorship for more than 13 months now. Alan Gross is still languishing in a Castro gulag with no charges yet filed against him. His only crime was attempting to provide Jewish organizations in Cuba with communications capabilities that the rest of the world considers commonplace.


The press and their go-to "Cuba Experts" may have forgotten Alan Gross, but our good friend Jay Nordlinger has not:

Do You Know Who Alan Gross Is?

In Impromptus today, I mention Alan P. Gross — the American prisoner in Cuba. He works, or worked, for a USAID contractor. For 13 months, he has been imprisoned by the Cuban dictatorship. Without trial. Without even charge. This is a scandal, an outrage, and a travesty. I believe that the Alan Gross matter should be a big deal — a cause — in our country.


Let me say something “right-wing” to you (and by “right-wing,” people often mean honest but not necessarily popular): If Gross were a prisoner of a government more disliked by our mainstream media, he would be a much bigger deal, a real story.


It’s one thing if Americans, or their elites, don’t care about Cuban political prisoners. But what about an American prisoner?


P.S. George W. Bush cared about Cuban political prisoners — which is why he gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Oscar Biscet, in prison even now. Obama gave the medal to Mary Robinson, the mistress of Durban: that festival of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate. Even Colin Powell, not necessarily a lion as secretary of state, pulled out of that one.  As I once argued in an NR essay, you can tell a lot about a president by the Medals of Freedom he gives.

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