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Gerald Warner

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Barack Obama sells out America and its loyal allies to favour leftists


By Gerald Warner World Last updated: July 2nd, 2009

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Barack Obama’s foreign policy blundering is now verging on the surreal. When Manuel Zelaya, the socialist president of Honduras, was overthrown, Obama first declared himself “deeply concerned”, then denounced the coup as illegal; now, with the support of the Obama White House, the Organisation of American States has given Honduras a three-day deadline to reinstate Zelaya. This is madness.

Zelaya was unseated by the army, but this was no ordinary military coup. The armed forces were carrying out a decision of the Honduran Supreme Court after it had declared unconstitutional a referendum Zelaya was attempting to hold to extend the length of time he could stay in office. This is a well-known ploy among leftist Latin American leaders in the mould of Hugo Chavez, the Marxist president of Venezuela.

By declaring that the Honduran constitution does not permit such a populist coup by the president, the Supreme Court was upholding the rule of law. Zelaya was attempting to subvert it. By removing him, the army upheld the constitution. Does Obama believe he has the power to overrule the US Supreme Court and the American Constitution by extending his period in office by plebiscite? If not, why should the Honduran constitution be disregarded by that country’s president?

Zelaya is a Chavez-style leftist, aiming at taking Honduras out of the American sphere of influence and into alliance with Marxist Venezuela. Now it emerges his strongest ally is the American president. This is perverse beyond belief and deeply damaging to America’s interests. I ask again: why does Barack Obama hate America?


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